skillshare blog post

Art & Community Organizing: Creative Arts Class at Projective Space

If you haven’t heard, Skillshare is a community marketplace for offline classes allowing you to learn anything from anyone. We are very excited to collaborate with Skillshare to launch a Creative Arts program with a full line of classes, workshops, panels and screenings to be hosted in our new coworking space in LES throughout the month of January. Topics vary from learning how to screenprint and using an SLR camera like a professional to designing your design career and successfully sharing your portfolio with galleries and collectors.

We are launching the program with a class taught by Chloë Bass, artist and Public Practitioner of Arts in Bushwick, titled Making Public Your Practice: Art & Community Organizing. We look forward to a bountiful year of programming at Projective Space sharing the knowledge and experience in the tech and cultural community in NYC.

Full details below and tickets available here.

December 20th
7 – 8:30pm
Projective Space
447 Broadway 2nd fl

This workshop teaches artists to trust in their capabilities and to really think outside of the box especially during economic crisises.  Here at the workshop the aim is to boost brainstorming of real solutions for boosting creative practice.  Not only that but we will also aim to achieve a greater awareness of art itself as well as a greater value for it too.  The class format will start with Chloë giving a brief description of her community organizing work at Arts in Bushwick as well as sharing a couple of her public projects whether they were successful or not.  Then the class will then break off into groups where they will share other ideas and projects they’ve been a part of, as well as discussing what ‘the community’ means to them.